Hello, dear readers! We’re the crew at Tall Tale Films, proud purveyors of cinematic wedding storytelling from the heart of Scotland. Today, we’re trading our cameras for quills to help all those stepping onto the exciting path of matrimony, with a little guide on penning an unforgettable wedding speech.

A wedding speech is more than a rite of passage. It’s your chance to shine a spotlight on your love story and offer heartfelt thanks to those who’ve helped orchestrate your special day. We know it can be a bit of a tall order, so let’s make it manageable with these handy tips.

The Opening Act

First impressions matter, even with speeches. Kickstart yours with something that sparks interest. Perhaps a funny incident from your early dating days, a heartfelt compliment about your partner, or a light-hearted quip about your new extended family. An engaging opener will not only pique interest but will also help calm your nerves.

Channel your inner Churchill and remember, “A joke is a very serious thing.” If you opt to use humour, ensure it’s in good taste and inclusive of everyone’s laugh palate. Keep it family-friendly, lads! We don’t want to be responsible for any toppled-over grannies at the reception!

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Stating “I adore my partner” is simple enough, but illustrating your love with vivid, personal anecdotes truly hits home. Share little details that you love about your partner – perhaps the peculiar way she laughs at your jokes or his unmatched talent in brewing the perfect tea. Sharing these endearing moments lets your partner know how much you cherish them, and offers your guests a sneak peek into your love story.

Shakespeare got it right when he said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Keep your tales short and sweet, akin to the twinkling in your partner’s eyes.


The Thank You Parade

A wedding doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a village, as they say. Your speech should pay tribute to those who’ve played a part in making the day come alive. From parents to the bridal party, the best man, or even the mate who saved your day with a last-minute bow tie, everyone deserves a nod of gratitude. A dollop of humour here can also keep the atmosphere light and the guests engaged.


Steer Clear of The Pitfalls

Stay away from potentially embarrassing or awkward topics like ex-partners, financial matters, or that bachelor party mishap. A wedding speech isn’t an open mic night; it’s a tribute to love, respect, and joy.

The Curtain Call

Cap off your speech with something that leaves a lasting impression. An earnest expression of your love, a toast to your beloved, or a thought-provoking quote on love and matrimony can do wonders. As you end, remember that your speech isn’t a mandatory task; it’s a unique tapestry of love and thankfulness.

As the great Scot, Sir Walter Scott, put it, “There is no love but love at first sight. This is the one that never dies.” Let your speech echo this eternal love you hold for your partner.

Just Right: Size Might Not Matter, But Length Does.

No one likes a speech that drags on forever, but a rushed one isn’t ideal either. Aim to keep your speech between 5 to 10 minutes. It’s the perfect timeframe to express your sentiments without losing the audience’s attention. As you rehearse, time yourself to ensure you hit the sweet spot.

At Tall Tale Films, we believe that every groom has a compelling speech within him. After navigating the labyrinth of wedding planning, delivering a speech is just another adventure to undertake. You might even be the unexpected star of the show!

Until our next rendezvous, we wish you all the best. May your words be as enchanting as your partner’s wedding-day glow.


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